First blog post

This is my very first post, publicly, of any kind so, I want it to be right.  Wait a minute, this is MY blog, MY post, MY space and MY spot.  So, grab a cup of joe and join me on this venture.

The first words I want to say is…Thank you Ivan.  Yes, this post is dedicate to an old high school acquaintance who now is an ex-facebook friend.  Back in late summer 1970, I darkened the threshold of Highland High School of one of it’s newest students.  It was my freshman year in high school and I was scared to death.  See, my 2 older brothers shared stories about freshman initiation at HHS and not just to entertain me.  There were stories of boys having their heads locked into the bottom of lockers in the boys locker room, placed into the basket ball bag with the drawstring tightened around their necks and left in the hall or up in the top of the gymnasium bleachers.  Other stories included having 500 lb barbells draped over the necks of boys trapping them to the floor until someone who could lift 250 lbs from one side could free them, boys being fed x-lax bars and push-up…lots and lots of push-ups.  Well, I was disappointed, immensely disappointed because only 2 guys, yes 2, freshmanly hassled me.  One, a senior named Jerry Ripperda, had me do 10 push ups in the boys restroom.  The other was a sophomore, Lance Waggoner, tried to get me to jump out the gym stage window, onto the roof of our sports equipment room to do a “rain dance”.  It was a long, hot, dry summer.  Since I had two older brother, I knew my limits.  I did the 10 push ups for Jerry.  I’m NOT stupid.  But I looked at Lance, who thought he was HHS’s biggest hot-dog for sure.  He and I would clash 2 years down the road in a football game with Lance on his butt because I had enough of his bullying…and, like I said, I had 2 older brothers.  I knew how to take care of myself with guys not toooo much older than me.  I digress, back to 1970, I looked at Lance and with a smirk and little chuckle I asked, “You’re Lance Waggoner, right?”  He said yes.  I then asked, “Aren’t you just a sophomore?”  He replied, “Yes, I am a sophomore and YOU are a freshman, now get out there and dance.”  I looked at him and said, “You’re a sophomore.  No!”  Then I walked away.  See, I told you it was a disappointing year.

HOWEVER, that year I also met Ivan Shoen.  Ivan was a tall, skinny, somewhat good looking dork with horned-rimmed glasses, combed blonde hair and a pointy chin.  Yes, strange, I remember noticing his chin even from way back then.  Well, Ivan got me in a few dodgeball games and even said hi a few times in the hall.  That was it…until about 5 years ago (maybe 4, I’m not sure).  See, I found Ivan again on FB, as I did many old HHS acquaintances, classmates and friends.  Yes, Ivan “friended” my friend request and even mentioned that he remembered me from school.  That, was kinda weird.  Weird that a 56 year old man, remembering a pointy chinned senior from his freshman year?  No, maybe. Weird, a senior  remembering a small kinda quiet freshman?  Yes, I thought so.  Needless to say that it started out very nice getting to know each other and becoming friends, actual friends.  Shoot, Ivan even “friended” my then fiance Jennifer.  It was nice.  Until one day Ivan posted something VERY controversial regarding religion and heaven.  One thing Ivan DIDN’T know about me was that I am a quite out-spoken person when it comes that refuting controversial topics, especially when it comes to politically correct topics.  The next year or so was very rough for this new formed facebook friendship.  One thing I didn’t know about Ivan was that he became an ordained Baptist minister and jumped onto the liberal, non-evangelical, heresy filled band wagon spewing totally un-biblical (except for comments Satan would have made) to friends and anyone who would listen or read his stuff.  I’m sure the hair on the back of both our necks stood at attention more times than either of us EVER wanted or thought.

This post, my first entry, is dedicated to Ivan Shoen originally of New Douglas, Illinois.  Thanks Ivan.  See, while this friendship heated up, and not in a good way, enough to bust thru the top of the thermometer, I didn’t know Ivan would give me some advice before UN-friending and blocking, not just me but my lovely Jennifer as well.  Shoot, Jennifer never did or say anything against Ivan or his ludicrous posts, she was friendly and pleasant every time and all the time with Ivan, at least on FB.  The last post I was able to see from Ivan spewed some garbage about God blessing homosexual marriage and that we needed laws protecting the LGBT community allowing them the “same rights” every other person has.  I spewed some Ivan-crap (words that Ivan would deem crap) stating that everyone has the same marriage rights.  Any man can marry any woman or any woman can marry any man.  I also stated that a man/woman relationship completed the human relationship model and that man/man or woman/woman relationship was one-sided and was not a full relationship, it was lop-sided.  One of Ivan’s friends sited a comment from a well know liberals “blog” in an attempt to blast me off Ivan’s post.  I didn’t budge and even mentioned that a blog was nothing more than blabbering language of geeks.

This brings me, and us, to here today.  Ivan’s last FB words (comments) to me were, “Pat you need a BLOG my un-facebook friend.  Good bye.  I’m done.”  At that, he un-friended me and blocked me.  Then, he un-friended and blocked Jennifer.  That comment never left my mind.  It was a slap in the face good bye, as I took it.  So, Ivan, thank you for the encouragement and you will be glad to know that my mind has changed about blogs.  I now state that a blog is nothing less than Brilliant Language Orating Greatness.  At least mine is!  Thanks Ivan.

For all others, I like debating politics, religion and social issues.  I am a conservative.  I am a Christian.  I am a Biblically educated Christian.  And for the record, while my education is not as formal, it is along the same lines as Ivan’s in that I am a bionically educated Southern Baptist.  Ivan, is a true radical and heretic whom I believe Paul would label carnal at best …as HIS “posts” prove.  Thanks Ivan.  To any readers/followers here, welcome to the Alhambra Chateau, where my opinions flow and your rebuttals and agreements are more than welcome!  Thanks for joining me!!


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